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youtube copyright school may end my strikes - maybe

On my YouTube rmenga channel, I have two copyright strikes. One was received 4 years ago and the other a little over 3 years ago:

This is what prevents me from becoming a partner user on YouTube, and it was well known that once you have copyright strikes on your account, they are grossly and unfairly tacked there for life. Why is this grossly unfair? Because everything has a statute of limitations, and to say a 'strike' cannot be removed no matter what simply isn't right.

I learned today that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to get those strikes removed. I doubt it, but who knows.

YouTube now has this dopey cartoon called YouTube Copyright School:

I suppose this brain-dead method is the only way to get the thick-headed audience of YouTube to actually pay attention. The video itself has comments disabled (of course) because otherwise it would be nothing but a crapstorm of "YOUTUBE SUCKS!" If you look at the ratings on the video, it's already been slammed with overwhelmingly negative votes.

An article written about this on Mashable made a very interesting note about this video however:

...YouTube has also changed how it treats copyright offenses. In the past, YouTube would essentially keep a person’s copyright violations on his or her permanent record, regardless of having a solid track record overall. Starting Thursday though, YouTube users with a good history will have the ability to "remove a strike" from their record by watching the video.


Well! Today is Thursday! I just had to go check to see if this was true. I login to my YouTube account and see if there was any option to remove my strikes, and...



I am literally the type of YouTube user that has a "solid track record overall" since my 'infringements' in '07, yet I see no option to remove my strikes.

I'm hoping that the remove-strike thing is something that's being gradually implemented and that I will eventually see an opportunity to participate in strike removal. So far I have no option, but hope springs eternal. If the option never presents itself, then screw it, I'll keep using


I found there's a link to take a 'test' at, so I took it. Twice. Both times I 'passed' (obviously) and got all the answers right - but I still have strikes.

Well, maybe taking the test was worth something and will get my strikes removed. Or not. No idea.

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