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youtube groups closed

On Dec. 1 2010 YouTube groups closed, thank God. I'm so glad Google dumped that piece of crap because it was bad. I wrote about this back in June. Absolutely nothing but spam over and over again. Nothing of value was lost by canning that service permanently.

Groups are not guestbooks nor are they forums; they originally stem from the now super-old Usenet newsgroups. Groups are different however because they're web-based and have extra moderation functions.

Web-based groups are worthless because they're simply not as good as forums, nor were they ever. If you wanted to, you could start a group here, here or here, but I guarantee you'd hate it compared to how easy it is to use a freebie forum like this, this or this. When you do the group thing, it's just a confusing mess, but when you do the forum thing, it's easy.

With a group you have to follow this ridiculously rigid way of doing something as simple as logging into the stupid thing. Then when you finally get in there, you're lost. Groups are something you have to learn in order to use, and that's stupid.

Oh, and let's not forget groups can vanish for no reason. Did you know YouTube Groups were going away before I told you? Probably not. There's no warning with these things. One day you try to login and *poof*, gone.

If you want a discussion board, use a forum and not a group.

On a final note, if you're wondering whether Facebook Groups are just as bad, yes they are. It says right on that page that the service is meant for "small groups of friends", meaning the system is not scalable. If you start getting a ton of people into your FB group, chances are the system will choke.

Trust me on this one, use forums. They work great and have for years.

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