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'08 gmc canyon - now with v8 option

My '05 GMC Canyon is equipped with the 2.8 liter 4-cylinder motor. Bear in mind that is rather large for just four cylinders (remember the 2.8 liter V6 of years ago?)

It gets about 26 miles per gallon on the highway. When you consider it achieves that number easily with an automatic transmission and a heavy 4x4 transfer case underneath, that's pretty darn good for any truck.

In addition, the engine outputs 175 horses. Once again, for four cylinders, that's really good. The engine is surprisingly fast.

But now GMC is going to offer a V8 in the '08 Canyon (and probably the Colorado too.)

I have absolutely no practical reason to want a V8. I tow nothing; I haul nothing.

But oh yeah, I would love to have it. Even though it is a small-ish block (probably the 5.3 liter,) who cares? I bet it's going to have an awesome rumble to it and rip up tires like nobody's business.

Seeing this option is just one of those things where I feel like a kid looking in Motor Trend magazine, seeing an awesome ride, and saying "Yeah. Gimme that. In green."

I really don't know what it is with the allure of a V8. Must be a guy thing. (heh)

. . .

One more additional note: I don't remember the last time I've seen any vehicle offer three engine configurations. It's cool that you have that kind of choice.

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