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10-year-old small cars that are worth buying in 2019

Nissan Leaf - Do not buy

The #1 reason not to buy it is that it's electric. No, not a hybrid-electric. It's 100% electric. No gas used.

The car was introduced in 2010, and first-gen Leafs are getting to the 10-year mark. Nissan said outright that the battery pack has about 10 years of useful life under normal use. This means buying a decade-old Leaf could mean buying a car where the batteries don't even work. The cost of replacing that? You don't even want to know.

Scion iQ - Do not buy

This is a Toyota build and very reliable.

The iQ's problem has nothing to do with reliability. It's the size. The car is only slightly larger than a Smart FourTwo. Tiny, tiny car. I like small cars, but this one is just too small.

Only buy this if you like cutesy little cars.

Chevrolet Aveo - Buy

Dirt cheap. Best years are 2010 and 2012, but not 2011 because that one had engine issues. The Aveo is a Daewoo built car for Chevrolet.

This car is actually still made today. Daewoo is now called GM Korea, and the car is now called the Sonic.

Smart FourTwo - Do not buy

This thing is so small that it enters clown car territory.

Yeah, the gas powered ones get 34 city/38 highway MPG, but that is literally the only good thing about it.

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