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bbs stuff

(warning: nerd post)

The laptop which I just acquired earlier in the week is not going to be running Ubuntu. I installed it, I liked it, but for my particular needs (i.e. BBS operation) it will not suit.

Instead, Windows will be on it and the BBS will go back online shortly after I'm done with the install (it's been down for a few days).

I will be switching BBS software from ELE to ProBoard 2.16. Actually I intended to run ProBoard right from the get-go, but since it's very old-school DOS, it doesn't recognize "soft" modems. However, I discovered that a US Robotics XJ5660 PC Card does allow a true DOS-based BBS to "see" the modem, even in Windows. Happy day. (grin)

ProBoard is the original BBS software I used eight years ago back in Connecticut. While everyone else was using RemoteAccess at the time, I liked PB the best. Everything was just ten times easier to do in PB compared to RA.

Unfortunately, my BBS will have to be in permanent "unregistered" mode because I have no way to register the software. I did register the software years ago but lost my "key" file.. so.. what ya gonna do.

There are attempts being made to get ProBoard back into action. I was really surprised to learn that there are people who like the software even after all these years.

Anyway, this evening I will be putting up the good ol' single-node system once again, complete with IceEdit (I love that editor), some PEXes, a few doors and whatever else I can think of. There'll be a lot of "unregistered" crap, but it's not like I have anywhere to register it to being with(!) (grin)


Went back to a temporary ELE setup until I get the bugs worked out of the system.

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Note to self: When they see you coming, house geckos will jump off a wall (or side of building or whatever) if they have nowhere else to run for escape. They won't jump at you, but they'll still jump.

And they don't land very well.

here comes the *nix!

I have just acquired an old obsolete (by today's standards) laptop, so tonight I will be installing Ubuntu Linux on it. I had entertained the idea of making it the BBS laptop, but I said "nah". Ubuntu is going on it and I'm going to try it out for a while.

When I did the Ubuntu Live-CD thing on my Dell Inspiron 6000 it worked very well and detected everything. Hopefully with the laptop I just got (it's not even 1GHz but it'll do), Ubuntu will install as happily as it did on the Inspiron. This time around I'll be able to keep a permanent installation so I can mess around with it.

Will I like it enough to switch from XP? Doubt it, but at least I'm giving it a good effort. 😉 I like the fact I now have a "tester" laptop to do this with - which is something I've wanted to do for a while now.


Rather than make a new post I'll just add to this one.

I installed Ubuntu on the laptop and everything detected like it was supposed to. I have two PCMCIA cards, one 3Com CardBus NIC and a US Robotics 56K. Both detected without a problem.

The biggest pain in the ass I'm encountering right now is just getting some MP3's to play. In Ubuntu this is a "restricted format" so it's not bundled with the install. Instructions are given on how to get MP3's to play after install, but those instructs don't work, so as I'm typing this I am updating a whole bunch of MPEG specific libraries via the Synaptic Package Manager. I just did a search for MPEG and tagged anything that might have looked like it would get MP3's to work. Hopefully one of them will get the MP3 audio to actually play.

While that's going on, the networking I aforementioned worked (obviously), the sound card detected fine, the video detected without issue and everything is running as it should.

Hang on a sec the update for the MPEG crap just completed...

ARGH.. didn't work. Sheesh what do I have to do to get this working..? Ah, well. If I fix it I'll add to this.


SUCCESS! All I had to do was install two things: gstreamer0.8-mad and libid3tag0. I had to manually install them using dpkg. I put both .deb files in the same directly then did sudo dpkg -i *.deb and ta-da, I have MP3's that play.

Wow, that was difficult. (grin)

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