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the rest of the week

Tomorrow I will be shooting a video for a power supply coolant thing-a-ma-doo. I'll be heading out to Riverview to do that. On Wednesday I'm helping my boss relocate some items from his street office to the home office. Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. I will be in Inverness visiting Pop for that (obviously). Friday, Saturday, Sunday? No clue. 🙂

It is currently (as of 9:45pm) 50° F here in Tampa FL and 30° in Dayville CT (where I used to live - and 30 is two degrees below freezing!) Last week I officially started wearing a coat due to the colder weather, but it should be noted that I was able to wear a t-shirt outside and be comfortable until the third week of November. Not too shabby. Not shabby a'tall. Wear-a-coat weather usually starts in third week of September back up north, a full two months earlier.


Concerning Thanksgiving, I am very thankful this year for many things, which include musical success, new friends and obviously moving to Florida among other things.

Concerning Christmas, I am looking forward to one that has not one inch of snow involved, and no crappy driving conditions either. No sand/plow trucks, no black ice. No frozen hair when walking outside before your hair dries. No "de-icer", no brushing snow off the car, no ice scrapers. No waking up in the morning, looking outside and thinking (Sigh..) Not this crap again. None of that.

All of these "no's" make Richard a very happy camper. 😀

It's a beautiful thing. Truly.


Important note: For those of you would like to receive a Christmas card from me, drop me a line with your mailing address and I'll send one to you. (Seriously, I will!)

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tech it out

A correction and an update:

Correction: The Alesis Fusion HD Support Forum on is down, however, a new one sprouted up rather quickly so it's back up again. It's here for those who are into the Fusion synth thing. I do get a decent amount of traffic from the Alesis web site, which all started by the guys at Hollow Sun championing the idea that my music should be featured as demo songs for the Fusion synth, so.. it's only fair I link up the new forum in a post. Once again, it's here. 🙂 And if I haven't said it enough, I'll say it again. Thank you Hollow Sun and Alesis. You guys rock as always.

Update: Inspired by another musician, I've finally decided on what to do for my next release. The idea is basically this: Imagine you are creating music for a kick-ass video game. Ask yourself questions such as What would it sound like? and How many different levels would there be? and you get the idea. Well.. even if you don't, that's what I'm doing. 🙂

Even though these songs will have a repetitive techno-type nature to them, they still groove really well. But you'll hear 'em soon enough. No, I don't know when I'll be done with them, but chances are they'll be finished either by the end of this month or before mid-December. Somewhere around there.

Stay tuned..

more tunes

Quick note:

Three more songs now available for download on the music page. These are just lil' demos I made for use elsewhere on the internet, but now they're here.

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