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what does independence day mean to you?

In about forty-five minutes it will be July 4, 2007. That's Independence Day in the United States of America. In other countries it lands on a different day, but in the USA it's the fourth.

I truly found out what Independence Day meant in July of 2005, because that year I was forced to work (as in "go to work or you're fired") that day with the current job I had at the time, which by the way was the worst job I ever had. Go figure.

Believe me when I say I'll never forget that. It didn't matter I was making time-and-a-half.

What mattered is that I was 100% ticked off.

I was angry getting up that morning, driving to work, actually working, driving home, and continued being angry for a good two days after that.

Shortly after that incident I quit that job, but I still wish to this day I give a hidey-ho "screw you" to that corporation and just stayed home.

Yes, I said "corporation". A mindless, faceless entity that's grown so large that it couldn't care less about the people who work for it any longer. The kind of work places that are living versions of Dilbert cartoons. They exist only to give people crappy jobs for their crappy lives. Even if the crappy job is a high-paying job, it's still a crappy job no matter how you look at it.

I look back on that now and it seems like a really long time ago.

My job now is 100% awesome. I do cool stuff every day. I couldn't ask for a better boss - and I mean that sincerely. The guy knows what he's doing, has a rock-solid company and is building it properly. You really can't ask for any more than that.

. . .

Also, about 1.22 years ago I escaped New England. And yes, I consider it an escape. I got out. That's a darn good definition of exercising independence to me, as in the freedom to go live where you want - and I did just that.

I love where I live. The weather is 1000% better, the people are nicer, and I smile knowing I'm here.

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New AXE shower gel bottle has bad design

Unilever (the guys and gals who make AXE products) recently deployed "new and improved" bottle and can designs for AXE shower gel and AXE body spray.

Both of them are absolutely terrible.

The body spray now shoots out way more spray than it needs to. What this means is that you'll run out twice as fast as before. In addition to that, the "Phoenix" scent has changed - for the worse. I purposely bought five cans of the old (and better) design/scent. Once I run out I'll be looking towards another body spray product.

The shower gel thankfully hasn't changed in scent, but the new bottle design is awful. Easier to hold? Yes. Easier to open? No. They actually made it more difficult to open the bottle. I found myself scuffing my thumb on any attempt to open it.

Unilever, please go back to your old designs and scents. Your new offerings absolutely suck.

tampa bay florida rainfall

As I write this (about 2:15pm), a thunderstorm just passed. The power went out for about two seconds during the heaviest part of the storm, and now all I can hear is light rain and low rumbling thunder in the distance.

I have always been a fan of thunderstorms, and you can't get much better than the Tampa Bay area of Florida if that's what you like.

During the summer season it usually rains once a day and when it does, it doesn't last long. Maybe about a half-hour to an hour or so.

Today's t-storm had lots of thunder and lightning.

It was awesome.

And as I've mentioned before, rain here is almost as warm as bathwater, so when you step out in the rain it feels good.

In New England it was rare that rain would give me good feelings, but here in Florida I really like it.

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