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2012/2013 Rich's Squier Guitars calendar now available

People have often said that I take good photos, and I've wanted to release a book of them for a while. However, I wanted to release something that was useful and not just a book of photos, so the best way accomplish that is with a calendar.

And now it's finally available. I've released a 20-month calendar (May 2012 through December 2013), with each month containing some awesome photos of my guitars.

The three guitars I used were my Squiers. The 1989 Squier II Stratocaster, 2010 Squier Bullet Strat and my modified 2012 Squier Vintage Modified Surf Stratocaster. Photos are cool, but calendars with photos are even better because in addition to seeing cool guitars, you also know what day it is. 🙂

Get it here or just click the calendar above. A full preview of the calendar is on that link.

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