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a patchin' we will go

I now have my Alesis 6HD. Here are my first impressions:

The action is excellent. I didn't know if I would like semi-weighted keys, but these feel really nice.

Sound quality exceeds my old MR-61 in some areas and lacks in others, but, I'm overall very pleased with the way it sounds.


Right now I'm updating the OS to 1.22. Alesis released a new one on the 27th so it's doin' it's thing as we speak.

Unfortunately this update process required me to spend thirty bucks on a CompactFlash card, but that's okay. For those interested in the process of how to update an Alesis Fusion OS, here's how it goes:

1. Download the latest image file from Alesis' web site.

2. Copy the bin file to the CompactFlash card. If you don't have a CompactFlash reader, you can use the Fusion itself. Plug in a blank or newly formatted CompactFlash, connect from USB to your computer and two drive letters will appear. One is the Fusion's main hard drive. The other is the CompactFlash which is blank (if the card is new). Copy the bin.

3. Disconnect the CompactFlash from Windows by doing the "safely remove hardware" thing. If you're unfamiliar with how to do that, refer to Alesis' instructions.

4. Turn off the Fusion.

5. Hold B and 7 and turn on the Fusion.

6. A warning screen comes up. Hit "OK" and then let the Fusion update itself. When done it will reboot and you will be at version 1.22. You can confirm this by going to Global/System/Info.

All in all, fairly easy.

Once I get to actually doing some songs on this thing I'll write more about it. Right now I'm just learning the unit. 😉

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