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a whole crapload of gps stuff

In a few hours I will be heading to the dentist. This time it's for a crown. Hopefully everything will go smooth and I won't be any worse for wear. (EDIT: Wrong. Appt is tomorrow.. d'oh..)

Other than that here's a few things that are going on (all GPS related):

I've decided to (try to) sell my Garmin StreetPilot c580 because I want the nuvi 205W. Yes, it's notably inferior feature-wise compared to the c580 but there are certain core GPS functions I want that the c580 doesn't have.

My little StreetPilot i3 that I use as a backup really showed its age today. This is because on attempt to plug in a USB cable to the mini-USB port, the port broke off on the inside.


I guess that's what happens with little electronic devices over 3 years old - which it is. It still works, but now I have absolutely no way to further update the unit. And if the miniSD card wears out and decides not to read any longer, the unit at that point is worthless. Since the USB port cracked off the board, even if I replaced the card I can't load anything on it.

Yeah I was kinda sad when that happened. My i3 obviously way past its expiration date.

On sale of the c580 (assuming I can get the price I want for it) I will most likely have to use the little i3 for a few days before I acquired the nuvi 205. This will suck because the i3 isn't a touchscreen unit. And it's tiny. It has "wheel and click" method of doing stuff that is very annoying and very time consuming, but as a GPS it still does the job, and that's all I need it to do until I get the 205.

~ ~ ~

I am absolutely sick and tired of having to buy a new GPS unit every 1 to 2 years. My c580 was acquired just shy of 18 months ago. Prior to that I had only acquired my c340 just 15 months before (have since sold unit).

I've had good reason each time I've bought another Garmin.

Upgrade from i3 to c340. Reasons: Larger screen. Touchscreen.

Upgrade from c340 to c580. Reasons: Daylight readable touchscreen. MSN Direct. To note: I would have never bothered to go with the c580 if the c340 had an anti-glare screen. But it didn't and Florida sun proved to be way too bright for it to be readable.

(Future) switch from c580 to 205W or 205. Reasons: On-screen arrow. "Where Am I?" feature. Direct input of coordinates.

Note that I'm not calling this an upgrade, because it isn't. This is a switch. The c580 is a super-premium unit. It outruns and outguns the 205. But like I said, there are core features I want in the 205 the c580 doesn't have - even though I know for a fact the 205 won't perform as well as the c580 does.

With the 205 my goal is to keep it at least 3 years unless:

  1. It becomes so woefully obsolete that it can't be upgraded any further.
  2. It literally falls apart or something on it breaks so badly it cannot be repaired.

Unless one of the two happens above, I absolutely will not upgrade, switch or whathaveyou. No way, no how. I'm sick of spending cash on this stuff.

The 205 does everything I want it to do. It took Garmin several years before they finally produced a unit that has what matters the most, that being more core GPS functions in an affordable unit. The 205 is just that.

My goal after purchase is to keep it for 3 years. Or if possible, 5 (although I don't believe the touchscreen will last that long.. but hey who knows?)

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