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a wish for jeans that fit

Years ago it was really easy for my to buy jeans. My size has been 38x30 for a long time and hasn't changed.

Or maybe it has.

Here's the situation: I need 2 pairs of new jeans.

This should be as simple as..

  1. Go to store
  2. Buy two pair of 38x30 jeans
  3. Go home

But it's not that simple.

I bought two pair of supposed "premium" 5-star 38x30 Wranglers.

Neither pair fits. Both are too big and too long.

The too-big thing I can understand. I have been treadmill'ing regularly and it's possible I've been slimming down enough that my jeans are fitting looser.

The too-long thing I don't understand at all. I have not shrunk.

I know what you're thinking..

Why don't you just try on clothes in the store before buying them?

I can't stand doing that. Correction: I don't mind trying on clothes. What I do mind is trying to find someone to unlock the door to the changing room. And of course, no one is ever around.


So anyway I'll be returning the jeans I bought tomorrow and see if I can find some schmuck to open the changing room door.. because I basically have no choice since I have to just to make sure jeans fit right.


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