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a wish for jeans that fit part 2

[part 1]

I went to return my jeans today and I was refunded without issue.

I then headed straight to the clothes department determined to find jeans that fit me correctly. Fortune was on my side and I easily found an employee who had the changing rooms unlocked.

I tried on at least 8 pairs of jeans.

Did I find any that fit?


As stated in my previous post (see part 1 linked at top) I've been wearing 38x30 for years and now that size doesn't fit anymore.

I will now reveal to you something that makes no sense at all.

Want to know what fits me now?

36x29 "relaxed fit".

I'm not kidding.

Evidently I'm slimmer and I've shrunk an inch.

Or maybe they make jeans differently than they used to.

I bought two pair. I washed them and they fit perfect. 😀

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