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I have both good and bad addictions.

I make it a point to get outside at least once a day.

Several years ago I spent one entire day in the house. Not once did I go outside. When I looked outside and it was night - and past midnight into the next day - I felt absolutely ashamed. That day was gone forever. There I was, completely able and mobile, and I spent the day on the computer.

It's not that anything exciting happened that day.

But I can never get that day back.

I had no excuse because the weather was actually really nice that day.

Since then there has not been one day passed where I haven't gone outside at least once. On some days I'm outside a lot, others only a little. The point is that since then I've gone outside every day and intend to continue doing that until the day I die.

I smoke cigarettes.

I hate the fact I'm addicted to cigarettes. At the time of this writing (January 2008) I'm in the midst of quitting. It's going so-so, but at least I'm trying.

Better to try than to not try at all.

I don't watch TV.

Back at the stomping grounds there was a point where I was sitting at home, unemployed and literally watched television all frickin' day.

I'd estimate that I watched about 8 to 12 hours worth per day depending on mood.

Yes, I was that bad.

After I moved to Florida I opted not to get cable TV or satellite dish because it was a needless expense.

That was one of the best things I ever did.

Now I watch only 5 to 10 hours of TV - a month.

Want to know the interesting part?

A "casual" television watcher tunes in for at least 2 hours daily. This is considered "okay".

I wish I was kidding.

Y'know what bothers me?

Why is it I was able to kick TV so easily but can't do the same with smokes? TV is just as addicting as cigs; I don't care what anyone says.

I rarely drink coffee.

I used to drink coffee in mass amounts. It was typical for me to go to Dunkin' Donuts two to three times a day and order my "medium decaf with cream and 3 equals".

(Side note: Do you realize that's 5 bucks a day on just coffee? You can spend $150 a MONTH doing that!)

These days you'd be lucky if you caught me drinking coffee more than once every 2 weeks. And just one coffee, small-sized.

My body is actually the reason I ceased drinking mass amounts of coffee.

One day I started getting dull headaches after drinking a lot of coffee.

Figuring it was the caffeine, I started ordering decaf instead.

That worked out for a while, but then the same headaches came back a few months later.

So I stopped.

To this day if I have more than 24 ounces of coffee in less than a day's time, I will get that same dull headache.

I drink a fairly large amount of tea.

For whatever reason, tea does not screw me over like coffee does. I have no idea why. At my "worst" I can drink 5 standard-sized mugs worth of tea a day, but usually it's around 2 or 3 on average.

My tea o' choice is Plantation Mint by Bigelow.

I drink way too much Monster LO-CARB

As I wrote about before, I got a Sam's Club membership just so I could buy Monster LO-CARB cheaper. I literally chop the price in half of what I'd normally pay per can.

But even so it is still RIDICULOUSLY expensive.

You know those idiots that spend 4 bucks for a coffee at Starbucks?

I'm the same way with Monster. Buy a 16oz. can out of 7-Eleven and it costs you $2.65 each.

If you buy the big 24oz. can (which I have many times), it's about $3.25. Yeah. Stupidly expensive.

Buy it by the case like I do and it's $1.29 a can for 24 16oz. cans.

I want to kick this stuff but I'm seriously addicted to it.

Heck, I was able to give up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. And I was hardcore addicted to those.

But the Monster.. nope.

I'm hoping one day to find an alternative that tastes similar and costs less.

And believe me I HAVE BEEN LOOKING.

But see, here's my problem:

Monster LO-CARB:

Ever take a look at a can of Pepsi and compare? Do it sometime. The Pepsi has so much flippin' sugar in it it's ridiculous. And the calories are off the scale.

And yes I've tried the diet and "one" stuff. Those who have known me a long time remember when I used to drink mass amounts of anything that had "diet" on the label. Can't do that anymore.

I've yet to find anything that tastes as good as LO-CARB while still keeping the sugar and calories in check.

I am addicted to the internet.

Ordinarily this would be considered a bad thing.


So.. my internet addiction isn't really bad at all. People generally tag internet addicts as people who aren't employed and rarely connect with the outside world - but I do the exact opposite.

I also use internet to educate myself (can you say Wikipedia?) and don't game with it at all.

. . .

I don't have any point to this post. Just things about me you didn't know before but now you do.

But y'know what would kick serious ass?

It'd be awesome if my little Sabbathized project got sponsored by Monster. Oh man.. unlimited free Monster LO-CARB. And some cash.

That would just rule in so many ways... 🙂


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