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things i grew out of after turning 40

Casio W213

In reality I grew out of most of these things in my mid-to-late 30s, but I think most guys give this stuff a miss after passing 40.

I'm in my early 40s now and there are certain things I simply can't go back to. In fact, you couldn't make me go back to the stuff I'm going to talk about even if you paid me. Yes, this stuff I will mention are things I find that eff'ing annoying.


When I moved to Florida in 2006, I made a conscious decision to use cable for internet only with no television package. I did this because I needed to cut costs wherever I could, and TV was an absolutely nonessential thing, so I never signed up for cable television.

Since '06, there was a brief period where I watched a little TV. Cable? No. Antenna. I lived in a place where the signal was absolutely glorious where I got pretty much all the channels with a little rabbit ears antenna set.

But then the government said "no more analog TV" in 2009, the switch was made to digital, and that glorious strong analog signal I once had was totally gone as a result.

I simply stopped watching television because I wasn't about to start paying for it. Screw that.

These days, my cable provider routinely and aggressively tries to get me to sign up for a TV package. I get at least 2 to 3 mailings and 1 to 2 phone calls a week from them. If I wanted TV, oh sure, they'd be more than happy to sell it to me. But I've not watched TV in so long that I've lost all interest in it, so it's not even worth buying.

Video games

PC gaming was something I dropped completely way before I turned 40. The last time I was "serious" about it was in my late 20s. The game was Counter-Strike version 1.6. Had my own rented gaming server and everything and spent something like 80 bucks a month for it all.

I quit PC gaming cold turkey because I got sick of spending so much cash on it. After CS, I had my fill, I was done. And stayed done.

Fast-forward to 2009, I bought a Nintendo Wii and a Balance Board. This was the first gaming console I had bought since a used Sony PlayStation One years before. I bought it not to get back into gaming but rather to start working out and get in shape, because at the time I was still fat.

I actually did use Wii Sports a lot. My favorite was tennis and oh yeah, I really moved when I played that game. But then I got bored with it and stopped playing.

My Wii is back in its box and hasn't been used in a long time. I'll eventually sell it at some point. That was my last recent gaming experience.

I have a Steam account with some games I bought in there, but I don't play them since my laptop can't run them optimally. And I'm not about to buy another computer just to run games. I just don't care.

Yeah, I know there are free PC games out there that I could run on my laptop. But again, I don't care.


The last big deal I had with cars was when my dad was still alive and I was very interested in the Buick Century Custom "Free Spirit" edition, which was Indianapolis 500 pace car for 1975. It was also the pace car for '76, but it was the '75 I was interested in since my dad actually owned one.

I had sourced a car. It was rough, but it ran, and I had intended on rebuilding it back to its original glory. I registered a web site for it and everything. The site grew popular with the Buick community, guys from all over the US and Canada were emailing me and yeah, and I was getting close to starting the restoration. There was even a shop in Canada ready to do the original placard striping with correct colors and everything...

...but then dad died in 2011. I had to abandon the car, and after that, there was really no point. I let it go. And I don't regret that decision.

What I care about now is having a car that gets good fuel efficiency, rides comfortably, runs quiet and has some zip to it. And that's pretty much what I drive currently as I do own a small 5-door hatchback.

I am way past the point of wanting an American car with a rumbling V8. I do not lust after them at all. I'm not saying that just to make myself feel better. That's how I genuinely feel about it.

When the time comes to replace my little runabout, I'll go midsize sedan. Probably a Toyota Camry. Why? Because the L trim gets 41 MPG highway, that's why. LE and SE trims get 39 highway. I don't give a crap about horsepower but seeing that 41 makes me want the car because it means I can go further with it. And that's not even the hybrid model. The hybrid gets 53 MPG highway!


This one will come as a surprise to some.

I'm done buying watches for a good long while. This is a decision I made fairly recently.


Well, simply put, I've already bought every watch I wanted to buy.

I own a bunch of Casio digital timepieces, one mechanical and a handful of analog quartz watches. But lately I've only been wearing my W213 and A158WEA Casio digitals. The W213 has been seeing the most wrist time.

This is what I've come to know about my watch preferences.

  1. I prefer digital. Try as I might to get along with analog, I just can't. It annoys me to read them.
  2. I prefer light. As in lightweight. Very lightweight. Anything over 50g bothers me to wear it.
  3. I prefer legible. Simple, clean displays are my favorite.
  4. I prefer seeing everything all at once. Time, weekday, month/day is all displayed on the W213's main timekeeping screen.
  5. I require a countdown timer with auto-repeat. This is why the W213 gets the lion's share of wrist time over the A158WEA. It has that feature.
  6. I require multiple alarms. Yet another reason why the W213 is worn more than the A158.

The W213 isn't stylish. But it works very well and that's why it's my main watch.

Is my W213 a recent acquisition? No. I've actually had it since last year. Loved it at first, then put it back in its box for months, took it out again, realized it's the one that does things best for me, and now it's my daily wearer.

I think all watch guys eventually get to the point where they just get sick of switching out watches constantly and just want one to wear daily that suits them best. I found mine in the W213.


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