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All righty then

Okay... migration successful. Wow this was a pain in the ass to do. Right now I'm writing just to myself because I haven't given out this site address to hardly anyone yet.

Now then, on to business. All my friends are going to ask "Why did you move your site again?" Good question, here are my answers.

As part of my process of moving to Maine, I made the decision to move this site to avoid certain people who like to keep tabs on me. I'm sure that sooner or later they will eventually find their way here, but, it won't be as easy.

It was a dumb idea to register a domain name using part of my name for the world to see. Some people took it upon themselves to do some really mean crap to me with some personal attacks. I learned my lesson. More on that in a sec.

By having this domain I am allowed to write more freely without being tagged personally. I mean yeah, some people will figure out this site belongs to me, but not as many as before.

I said I had learned my lesson. Yeah, I did. Here's what I've learned.

The internet is full of stupid people. I remember when only smart people used computers. Now the internet is full of idiots, mostly comprised of 10-year-old kids who like to call people "f*g" all the time for no reason other than to say it.

The internet is full of rude idiots. Common courtesy seems to take a backseat and no one understands proper "netiquette" any longer, nor do they care.

You'll also notice some stuff has been removed. Here's what's gone:

Fishcam (it kept crashing and wasn't reliable - if I find better software i'll put it back up)


100 things and 100 more things

"Your info" page

Posts that had personal info in it

All pre-phpBB comments

Some newer comments

Comic strip (had my name in it, I will rename and put it back eventually)

I apologize in advance to friends who enjoyed the other stuff I had here that I had to remove. The fact of the matter is that placing my name on the 'net simply wasn't smart and I paid the price for it. I didn't have the patience to deal with it. Stamina yes, patience no.

I can now write more freely as I said above. I like that freedom.


Dr. Klahn says "You have our.. gratitude! This is a web site of extraordinary magnitude..."

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