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and... more nothing

I drove around Bangor and a few other places looking for work. Pickings were slim. Mostly sales jobs. Those are the worst. I'd rather clean toilets (literally) rather than do sales trying to hock wares at people. I picked up a few applications, but most of the places I looked at didn't really have much of anything. I mean heck, even trying to get something as simple as a stock boy job wasn't even available... none that I could see anyway.

I've started to look outside the local area for work. If I have to travel fifty miles to go to work I'll do it. I didn't originally want to do that (part of my reason for moving to a city was to avoid that) but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Options are getting fewer and fewer.

There is the chance that the place I interviewed with might call before the end of the week. There's a small possibility of that but I'm not going to assume anything.

Add to that I have no tv. I can't even watch movies to take my mind off things.

Life is not fun today.

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