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Apple RMA#: 7404761962

Apple is already starting to tick me off.. correction, has ticked me off concerning this whole Macintosh iMac debacle.

First call: I explain my situation, they said they'd send me an RMA in my e-mail in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Forty-eight hours pass, no RMA.


I call Apple and ask where my RMA # is. The guy on the phone says that it would appear the RMA was never generated.


So I get my RMA, but then am told I have to pay for shipping to send this damn thing back and that there was nothing they could do about it, and also said "The last rep you spoke with should have told you that."


I'm also told it would take up to two weeks AFTER the box arrives in California before I'm credited back a refund.


I'm so disgusted at this point I say "Fine", take my RMA, head to the UPS Store and ship it out. The cost: THIRTY-FIVE BUCKS. It's a TWENTY-FIVE POUND BOX!

It seems I gave my thanks to Apple a little early.

So to Apple I say unto thee: You guys are a bunch of idiots for making me ship back a twenty-five pound box for a RETURN and pay for it. I knew in the back of my mind you would find some way to charge me for this return. You wavied the 10% restocking fee only to have me pay for shipping outright.

Now I have to play the waiting game with Apple and the refund. The millisecond I have confirmation the package arrives at Apple in California I'm going to count each of those ten business days until the refund is processed properly - then I'm calling my credit card customer service to absolutely confirm the refund is processed.

At this point I'm debating whether to just eBay my copy of Final Cut HD Express, take my refund for the iMac and not use Apple at all if this is the way they handle returns.

Apple, I'm watching you. Don't screw this up. If you do the refund as you said you will, I will buy an iMac G5 as I said I would. If not, you've lost a customer - permanently.

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