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Armpit of the State

Connecticut is divided into eight counties, those being Hartford County, New Haven County, Fairfield County, New London County, Litchfield County, Middlesex County, Tolland County and...

Windham County.

I happen to reside in Windham County. Some people call this the "Quiet Corner" of Connecticut. I call it the Armpit of the State (Northeastern corner). I think I know where the "quiet" in Quiet Corner came from: No one @#*&@ knows about this area at all. It is easily classified as "The part of Connecticut you never hear about".

As a matter of fact, even our local news stations just about completely ignore this corner of the state. For example, watch any Connecticut television channel and catch the weather report. You'll hear something like "In Hartford, it's 60 degrees with a slight chance of rain. Down in New London, it's 55 and the coast is looking clear. Over in New Haven, it's 57 and the the roads are looking good..." and you wait to hear anything about the Northeast... and... nothing. Windham County just doesn't exist.. yet it does. I normally have to watch Rhode Island stations just to get an accurate weather report.

Just thought I'd say that. I'd also like to say I can't wait to get the hell out of here.. whenever that happens.

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