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For some reason I feel the need to explain my switch to WordPress, so.. here goes.

Until I switched to WordPress I didn't fully realize how important it is to have a blog system that works 100%. My previous MT 3.2 setup, while nice, was out of date, slow and modified something fierce by yours truly just to get it to work right - and it still wasn't 100%. There were times when I'd just feel like banging my head on the keyboard due to outright frustration. This is part of the reason my site's look changed so often.

WordPress just works. It's stable, fast, free, looks good both inside and out and just kicks ass all around. Even as I write this post, I'm amazed at how nice the authoring system is. This is the first WYSIWYG editor that actually doesn't bother me. Journal software sure has come a long way.

I'm very happy to be using a system that allows me to write more freely. This is just plain cool.

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