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Bellowing fumes in the Dominican Republic

If you think you're having a bad day, check out this e-mail I got a little while ago.

Some parts removed for privacy's sake (obviously) 🙂 My commented out parts are marked by [private].

I'm sending you this message from my fiancee's father's office. I've been leaving voice messages to [private]. I'm unable to leave the country!!!! I'm stuck here with no money, no place to stay and I almost didn't get my clothes, fortunately my fiancee is here. The plane was emitting toxic fumes from within the cockpit, after two failed attempts to leave, the captain declared that the plane was unflyable. They kept us in the plane for two hours with no A/C and no water or food. Then we spent an additional 3 hours in the lobby awaiting for a decision from American Airlines on what they're going to do.

After they decided to cancelled the flight, they provided an option to leave with the same plane (after repairs), at 2 AM. That was not an option for me, since 260 people have been left stranded and the flight crew did not want to fly on that plane (if the captain and the flight crew did not want to fly on that plane, I'm not doing it either). So..all flights are booked this week till Saturday and I'm stuck. I'm cc'ng [private], but please inform [private] and [private]. My contractor's name is [private] at [private]. I'm thinking that since today's a holiday maybe nobody is at the office but if immigration needs confirmation of employment or if I need anymore assitance I'm placing [private] as one of my main contacts, her cell phone [private] doesn't seem to be connected. I'm unable to make too many calls from here and sporadically I can receive calls to the cell phone. My fiancee home number is [private] and my parent can be contacted at [private]. I'm letting you know all this, since I'm hoping to return to a job when I finally leave the country.


Here's hoping that Reinaldo, my co-worker who is trying to bring his fiancee (legally of course) from the DR to the US (and the guy who wrote the mail above,) gets home successfully.

If you think your day is going sour, read the above again. Then read it again.

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