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bits for 6 nov 2008

This eve I will be going to band practice. The singer says we're all going to have "deer-ka-bobs" (i.e. venison on skewers). Sounds awesome to me because a) meat is awesome and b) vegetarians are annoying people that fart a lot. And seriously, who wants to hang around with gas-bag poopy people? Not I.

~ ~ ~

Some time today I might be acquiring a Garmin nüvi 200. True, it's not the 205W I wanted, but it still has the ability to enter in direct coordinates which is something I've been wanting for a really, really long time.

The reason I say "might" is because I don't know if it's coming today or tomorrow. Hopefully today.

~ ~ ~

This video proves several things to me:

There is absolutely no shame if you like Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones or any other - yes I will say it - cool sci-fi and/or action movies. If someone is willing to put that much effort into a celebration of just the soundtracks of flicks like that, it is 100% OK to like those movies.

For anyone that doesn't like them, they can go bug off. 🙂

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