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bits for 6/24/08

I filled up my gas tank. Cost was $46.50. The price at BP was $3.89 a gallon if you paid cash so I went to the ATM first to grab some before filling up. The price appears to have plateaued for the time being. Around where I live it hovers between $3.89 and $3.95 depending where you go.

Speaking of gas, my "green" article made it on Yahoo Finance. Evidently the fact Florida isn't very CNG-friendly concerning cars is a big deal with many (and I can totally understand why).

Someone starting banging on my door at around 9:30pm-ish. I didn't answer. I think it was a neighbor. Neighbors always have a specific type of knock because they don't knock, they bang. VERY LOUDLY. And they'll do it at least 3 times. Normal people don't bang, they knock politely. Furthermore a neighbor almost never visits just to say "hi"; they always want something, i.e. they're moochers. No, you can't have a cigarette. No, I have no money to give you. Bug off.

My sleep pattern is messed up again where I'm staying up all night. It really bothers me when this happens and usually takes about a week or so before I shift back to regular hours. The only time it really serves an advantage to me is when I do the live show for work because it usually goes past 10pm.

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