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bits for 8/15 '08

I changed the look of my site again because the silver look wore on me real quick. Can't really say what it was specifically that wore on me but I looked at it and said "eh.." so I'm trying something else now. I went back to smaller text and thinned up the width.

Pop's phone and internet magically started to work again earlier this afternoon. No explanation why but it just started working. I guess as long as it's operational that's what counts.

Typical to this time of year I started getting some dry-cracking in corner of my lip. This is easily remedied by taking 2 B-complex vitamins a day for a few days. I find it a little funny they have so many names for the same thing. It's either called Super-B or Super-B Complex or B Complex. They're all the same frickin' thing.

I really need to get a haircut but feel it's such a waste of cash to spend 16 bucks on something that's not worth 5. I'll probably get up the nerve to go and get this done sometime tomorrow.

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