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Title of this entry is a lyric from a song that I overheard whilst in the supermarket today.


In the supermarket...

Spot the hippie walking thru the supermarket in bare feet. Wonder why his feet are so much cleaner looking than yours. (In Florida, it's not odd to see people barefooted in most shopping places, and they don't get thrown out for not having shoes.)

Spot the mother blabbing away on her cell phone, then watch her get upset when her child runs away from her to another aisle. Wonder that if she were paying more attention to her child instead of yakking on the phone, her shopping experience would be more pleasant?

Spot the woman with the biggest, fattest ass you have ever seen in your life. It's not like you can miss it. Turn into an aisle and.. ASS. BIG NASTY ASS. The kind of ASS where you wonder if a six-foot tarpaulin would even be able to cover it. Probably not. Wonder if the automotive industry should go back to making barge-like cars like they did in the 70's. At least then there would be cars that fat-assed behemoths could fit in.

Spot the different kinds of drinking water for sale. "Spring" water, "Drinking" water, "Purified" water. Isn't it all the same? And they're all the same price, too. Wonder why the supermarket wastes money on different labels for the same thing.

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