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Why I canceled my Netflix


Netflix has definitely lost its mojo, so it was time to cancel.

I recently canceled my Netflix account, which is something I've had for over 6 years. I canceled for two reasons. Cost, and because Netflix is doing what I call "pulling an MTV."

I used to watch MTV (Music Television) years ago back when I had cable television. And I can tell you exactly when MTV stopped being cool. It was when The Real World debuted in 1992. That show ushered in two things. The birth of "reality television," and the first truly original program from MTV. And once MTV knew they had a hit, that's when music took a back seat permanently, they went all-in with programming and never looked back. That's when MTV died.

Netflix used to have a wide database full of wonderful TV shows and movies. But then they did the exact same thing MTV did with the original programming shtick. Once Netflix started gaining an audience for their original stuff, everything else took a back seat. It's so bad now that on every login to Netflix, they shove their original shows right in your face very loudly. As in, "HI, CUSTOMER. WOULD YOU CARE TO SEE OUR ORIGINAL PROGRAMS? NO? WELL, THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE WE'LL KEEP TELLING YOU ABOUT THEM OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER."

Here are some real screen shots from my account (my paid account is still active for roughly another month before it cancels completely.) Check out how bad the pushing of original programming gets.

Netflix 1

The above is what happens right after login. The ENTIRE SCREEN is filled with some Netflix Original programming I don't want to watch.

Netflix 2

Above is the very next screen after scrolling down. "WATCH OUR ORIGINALS! WATCH OUR ORIGINALS! PLEASE, C'MON MAN! WATCH OUR STUFF!"

No, I don't think so.

(And evidently, Netflix really, really likes Tom Segura.)

Netflix 3

The above is seen is when you scroll down slightly more, and Netflix is still yelling at me to watch their original stuff that I don't want to watch. Every show that has red "Netflix" in the left corner is Netflix Original Programming.

On the screen shot above there are 18 shows, including the ones not completely seen at right. 13 of them are marked originals. That means 72% of that screen real estate is Netflix trying to shove their original programming down my throat.

There is no way to filter out Netflix Originals, and I don't expect there ever will be a way to do so, because why would they?

I actually could deal with all this pushing of original programming. But the problem is that it came at the expense of dumping the cool stuff they used to have.

Here are two (of many) examples that are no longer in the Netflix database: The movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the television series Soap. I got to see the movie. Great flick. Fantastic. I got to see some of Soap. It was on Netflix and got yanked before I could even finish watching it all. And this was back at the time I was a heavy Netflix user too.

A giant chunk of the good movies and good TV series programming that was on Netflix has now been replaced with their originals. And it's only getting worse. In fact, it would not surprise me at all if Netflix ultimately dumps all programming that's not theirs and just makes their service 100% original programming.

Will Netflix ever go back to the way they were?


Netflix has been bitten by the bug of original programming, and they're push-push-pushing that as hard as they possibly can. They've committed to it and there's no turning back.

I simply don't care about any Netflix original programming. Little by little they've been cutting out the classics and replacing it all with NEW! NEW! NEW! stuff.

All the pushing Netflix is doing with their original programming pushed me away as a customer.

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