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change update

For those who are interested in why my site has changed its look so quickly since the last change, you can read up if you want. It's very boring so I made it one of those "extended" entries.

Found something out recently. Internet Explorer 7 didn't "play nice" with my previous design. I really, really don't like IE. Now of course, my site always looks fine in Firefox, but get this.. my site worked in IE 6, but not 7. Then when I changed it around it looked fine in 7, but not 6. Back and forth, forth and back..


In the end, I decided to go back to using tables and semi-hard-coded widths. You know, good ol' HTML.

It works; that's all that matters. I will eventually make the site look a little nicer, but for the time being, this'll do. 🙂

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