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Cheap soda

As I write this I am drinking Schweppes (and yes I had to look at the can to spell that right) Diet Ginger Ale. Price: Ten cents a can.

"Ten cents?!"

Yep. Ten cents.

Schweppes Diet Ginger Ale is available at my local 'mart right now for "Get four 12-packs for 5 bucks". When you do the math, each 12 pack is $1.25, meaning each can of soda is 10 cents. Actually it's slightly more than 10 cents but I don't think anyone is going to count four tenths of a cent. (grin)

This gets me to thinking.. "Why is some soda so unbelievably cheap when others are so expensive?" Hmm...

The best selling soda is obviously Coca-Cola. Forget the fact that Coke tastes like malted battery acid for a moment and think - why does Coke sell so well?

Before I get into that - always remember that the last reason people drink Coke is taste.

Let's examine Coke for a moment. It has a dank dark color to it. When poured in a glass it resembles motor oil with fizz on top. The fizz itself also has a brownish color to it.

If you ask anyone "What does Coke taste like?", the answer is "Um... tastes like Coke?"


So.. Coke looks gross. Tastes worse. Yet it sells by the ton. Why?

Coke probably sells tons of soda for the same reason Budweiser sells tons of beer. The reason is market branding/awareness. There is a ton of advertising dollars spent every year to make sure that Coke is #1. As long as I've been alive it always has been - so kudos to Coke's advertising department there.

Okay, so Coke is #1. They push more soda than anyone else. So why it is (usually) the most expensive? A 12-pack of Coke is something like $3.50 at the 'mart. That's roughly 30 cents a can, 20 cents more than the soda I'm drinking right now.

If something sells so well, why is it the most expensive? Coke basically sells itself. There is no reason for it to be as expensive as it is. Guess that's basic greed on the company's part I suppose.

It would stand to reason Coke sells the best is because it tastes the best - but it doesn't. Coke sells best because the public is trained to think "This is the best soda" from the advertising they see everywhere.

The best memory I have of Coke is when I had an epiphany one day. I took a can of Coke out of the fridge, cracked it open and gulped it as I normally do. Then I realized:

This stuff tastes like crap!!!

Then I let out a loud burp and dumped the rest in the sink.

The rest is history. I am much happier drinking my el-cheapo (only because of price) Schweppes Diet Ginger Ale. It tastes good. At least I think so. If the price goes up, I'll switch to something else. (grin)

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