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cold snap, warm memories

It doesn't go below freezing often here in Tampa Florida, but tonight it will. There aren't many notably cold days in Tampa either, but tomorrow it will be.

The low over the course of the night is predicted to drop to 23 F. And while I do have a strong aversion to cold, this is one of those instances where it doesn't really bother me. The fact I have to bundle up under the covers when I go to bed is a comforting feeling. I did a lot of that growing up in the north during the colder months.

A long time ago I learned that you should always have extra blankets when the need arises. The way my bed is set up is that there's a fitted sheet, regular sheet, blanket and then what I call a "grandma" blanket (it's a woven sorta/kinda single-color afghan type thing I found at Target) on top of that. Most of the time I sleep on top of the blanket and use the grandma blanket because it's not solid and won't roast me during the hotter months. If it's cooler, I go under the regular blanket. If it's really cold, I go under the sheet for three layers.

It's really rare I have to do the 3-layer thing. Tonight might be one of those nights.

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