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comical, but free

Somewhere inbetween moving three times (Connecticut to Maine to Florida), Pop bought a tiny television (13 or 14-inch). Now that he's all moved into his new house, he has no need for the tiny set any longer, so I took it. I gave him the Mighty Toshiba for living room use - and to be honest it suits a living room much better than it did in my bedroom at the old house.

I do not have cable television, so guess what I bought.

Wait for it...

Rabbit ears. Yep. The good ol' fashioned kind. Cost: Ten bucks (after tax).

Sure, I may only get four or five channels.

But it's free.

And to note: Modern day small televisions have a picture ten times better than in previous years. It used to be tiny tv's had a really "fuzzy" picture, but this lil' Sylvania is actually not bad a'tall. Pop bought it less than a year ago for fifty bucks. It also has a remote for on-screen programming(!)

Wheeee.. 😉 I have tv now. At least I can catch The Tonight Show and watch local weather, which is all I wanted it for to begin with.

Sure, laugh, go ahead.

Then look at your cable bill.

'Scuse me whilst I watch The Tonight Show. 😉

-- edit --

I just realized I haven't watched true free tv in over fifteen years. I've been so used to cable that I feel like since I have television now, I should expect a bill for it.

It's nice that some things in life are still free.

Now I need a radio. Ha! Do they even sell those anymore?

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