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Today is a scorcher outside. It's 95 degress farenheit as I write this. The humidity is at 54%. Yeah, it's hot.

I said fuggit and went out and bought a small air conditioner. Since 1989 when I first moved into this house, there has never been air conditioning. Every time it gets nasty outside like this it sucks. Even with a fan blowing directly in my face it's just too damn hot.

Right now, however, the A/C is in the window with a stand-up fan in front of that to push the cool air further (I learned that trick from a friend of mine who does that - it really works). I didn't even bother with the mounting brackets. I stuck the unit in the window and used cardboard to block off the rest. It may not be pretty but it works GREAT.

This will certainly spike my electric bill, but I don't care. If I have to spend an extra 15 bucks to breathe easy, that's perfectly okay.

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