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CS:S temporary install

I installed CS:S (Counter-Strike: Source) temporarily to help Aaron test out some new maps on his CS:S game server. Over the past few days I've been consulting him on how to get new custom maps to work, how to upload them and so on and so forth. We tested a map tonight called de_drought. Pretty cool map, actually.

And it was obvious my game was off since I haven't played in a while. I kept dying in the game constantly (heh). But that's okay it was just for testing purposes anyway.

Once he's up to speed on getting everything working right I will uninstall Counter-Strike again.

Aaron seems to be getting right along with the info I provided. I e-mailed him some tutorial material on how to use FTP, test out stuff and a few other odds and ends. He is taking to it very well and sponging it in. Very cool. It's nice to see when my documentation pays off in a good way. (grin)

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