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d-burgs finest

Oh my frickin' God did I find.. well.. the best frickin' stomping grounds web page ever.


Before I tell you more I've got to mention how I found it first. You'll get a good laugh out of this.

I was my modifying a POI database for my GPS (as I mentioned in a previous post) and was trying to put every location in there that I could remember from where I grew up.

There is a local crappy theater at the stomping grounds called Killingly Cinemas 3. It has changed ownership about 10,000 times and been renamed to something else each time. But no matter how many times it changes it will always be the Killingly Cinemas 3.

The KC3 literally does not have a physical address in Google Earth. Or Google Maps. Or even my GPS. But the building is still there, physically exists (obviously) and still operates as a movie theater as far as I know.

But I was thinking OH COME ON.. this has got to be listed somewhere!

So I did a Google search..

..and I found a MySpace page called D-Burgs Finest. It had KC3 listed in its description which it why it showed up in a 'net search.

I pray this MySpace page stays up forever. It is.. just.. one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

The author of the page chooses to remain anonymous.

WISE CHOICE.. hehe 🙂 I'm sure there are more than a few locals that want to kick that guy's ass for saying the bitter truth about the stomping grounds, but I personally find it hilarious because it's all 100% true.

All of it.


D-Burg is slang for the Danielson Burroughs. You only know what this means if you live(d) there. If not, don't ask. The way towns, burroughs and villages (yes, villages) are defined there is just messed up.

This is evidently a new term to describe the area because no one I knew called it that when I was living there.

Dr. Finest

The guy (I assume it's a guy) that runs the site is a smart dude. Moreover he's an idiot but in the best possible way. He basically operates the same way I do, that being "I'm nice to you until you cross me, then you're a piece of crap as far as I'm concerned". That is classic D-Burg attitude.

"D&Z Soda King forever"

This phrase is mentioned on that page. It's a small convenience store in a "busy" intersection of Brooklyn. Before I left the area it still had creaky wooden floors and the place looked like it would just implode at any moment. It's not called D&Z anymore but something else.

Maybe it has those same creaky sunken wooden floors still? I have no idea.

From the author himself:

A quote from the description:

You may not be in D-Burg anymore, and you may never be coming back. Some are here and never going away, but I would like to think regardless of your current state that there is a little bit of D-Burgs Finest in all of us.

Generally speaking there are only two kinds of folks up that way. Those that stay forever and those that leave and never return.

I'm going to make it a point to drive thru the area when I go on my leaf-peeper trip that will hopefully happen next October. Even though I know the area sucks and I know it will never change.. experiencing the sucky-ness is just something you can't pass up.

It makes you feel just that much happier when you leave. 🙂

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