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dec 21 ought 7

done with icq.. for now

Normally I can let most things slide on ICQ, but as of now I'm just too sick and tired of dealing with ICQ spammers. Since you can't delete ICQ accounts I just logged off of it. Maybe I'll log on at another time once my nerve irons up again. 🙂

my fish is messing with me

Yesterday when I got home I thought my fish was about to croak because she wasn't her usual self. But after about 10 minutes she starting swimming around as usual.

Fish, you're lucky you started moving around because otherwise you would have taken a ride on the porcelain express.

nüvi is cool and i might get one later on

I was really taken with the nüvi when I field tested it (I had to try it out). The price of one right now is $250 thru NewEgg but I can guarantee that's going to drop to $200 or less after January.

Why do I want one? I dig the compact size and the fact it's even easier to use compared to the c580. Furthermore (and this is the major selling point with me), I could easily put double-sided velcro on it so I wouldn't have to use the suction mount at all. There's a spot right above my CD player in my truck that's a perfect spot for it.

When the price drops to $200, I'm seriously going to consider picking one up.

And as far as the ease-of-use thing goes, I'll put it to you this way: If you've never used GPS before, I could put one of these in your hand and you'd figure it out in about 2 minutes or less.

I'm not kidding. It even has a help menu system built-in so you don't even need an instruction manual to use it. And yeah, it's that good.

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