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In this month as I do every year I do Tampa vs. Killingly weather comparisons. Every few days or so I look at these two links to see how much warmer it is here compared to the north.

I think it's safe to say Ye Olde Killingly is going to have a bitch of a cold winter this year. Cold has three degrees there during the winter season. Cold, really cold and frickin' cold. It's frickin' cold up there.

My blood is totally thinned out now that I've been living in FL close to 5 years, but when I was there I distinctly remember feeling more comfortable when it was "cold cold" compared to "warm cold". Temps from 27 to 34 didn't seem to bother me, but it did from 35 to 46. It had mostly to do with the wind. If there's no wind, it's easy to walk outside with no shirt on and feel completely comfortable for about 10 minutes, but after those 10 then you really feel it.

I also remember night being much easier to deal with than during the day concerning the cold up in those parts because there was less wind. If I hopped in the car at 9pm for a quick convenience store run, yeah it was cold but not so in-your-face as it was just a few hours earlier when the sun was still out.

The highs here in Tampa are going to be high 50s/low 60s for the week. The lows will be high 30s with two days, Monday and Tuesday, dipping into freezing temps.

If you were to ask the question of how long does it actually stay freezing in Tampa on days where the low is cold enough, the answer is about 3 hours. Usually less.

Here's yesterday's temperature history. Scroll down until you see the "Hourly Observations" part. The coldest part of the night is around 4:30am and lifts rapidly around 7:30am. If the low happens to be a freezing temp that day, that's how long the area actually stays freezing.

I can deal with that. 🙂

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