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Dell Inspiron mini 10v bought and on the way

image I've been saying for some time now that my next laptop was going to be a smaller netbook format. So I finally worked up the nerve and bought one.

I did not buy new. I bought refurbished. In the past I've bought refurbs from Dell and had good luck with them, and they come with the exact same warranty as they would new anyway, so it's not like I'm missing out on anything.

The price I paid was exactly $309.21. That's with taxes and shipping included. It is the final cost.

My target was $300, so going over only $9.21 isn't bad at all.

I went refurb purposely because there was no way I could configure one new for a cost this low - even if I added in online coupons. Were I to go the new route for the exact same thing, it would have cost me over $400. You'll find out why in a moment.

So why did I buy this thing to begin with?

First, my laptop (which I'm using right now to write this) is five years old and I need to replace it.

Long description: The hard drive is near the end of its life span. About once every 6 months is gets bad sectors to where I had to reformat/reinstall the OS. Very annoying. The wireless card is also staring to act up. It drops signal periodically for no real reason other than the thing is old and wearing out. The optical drive only reads CDs now. It absolutely will not read DVDs and won't burn anything. Also, the battery is almost stone dead and will barely hold a charge.

Second, I needed something small and light that I can use easily in free wi-fi locations that runs a long time on a charge.

The Inspiron mini 10v I bought comes provided with a 6-cell 56WHr battery. If you bought one new, it does not have this. You only get a 3-cell 24WHr.

In addition to that, mine is coming with the wi-fi card that will do a, b, g and n.

And in addition to that, mine has the biggest drive offering, the 160GB.

If I price one out right now new with the options I'm getting in my refurb, the cost is $384. And that doesn't include tax or ship which pushes the cost over $400 easily. Yikes.

The $309 I paid for mine is literally almost $100 less than buying the thing new. And like I said, there are no coupons available that will take off that much cash.

My only gripe about this netbook is that it's coming with Windows XP on it. And it's not eligible for a Windows 7 upgrade either. I had to really think about this before I bought it and came to the conclusion that the portability was more important than the OS.

Granted, I really like Windows 7. Truly I do. But my laptop needs replacing now and XP still does everything I need it to. In all honesty I really don't need anything more than a browser, a few lightweight apps and Windows Live Writer. All this runs fine in XP.

My goal is to use this laptop until 2011 or 2012. If I can get her to last that long, that's fine. Money well spent. By that time Windows 7 will be old anyway and Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8 (assuming they stick to that "new OS every 3 years" thing they want to).

Fingers crossed I'll be getting my new netbook by the end of this week. Happy happy. 🙂


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