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dell laptop stuff

The hard drive on my laptop started acting funky again by making noises it shouldn't make, so once again I had to reformat it to mark the bad sectors. I saved it yet again, but I'm hoping it lasts until next 2010 because at that time I'm seriously considering getting a new laptop.

What's funny now is that what were super-premium options in 2005 when I bought my Inspiron 6000 are now very common and inexpensive.

For example, I did pay extra for the better monitor, DVD burner, Bluetooth and a wireless card that did a/b/g. Was it worth it? Yeah because it's lasted this long. It still amazes me that after FOUR YEARS this laptop still works. Granted, the DVD burner doesn't burn DVDs anymore (still reads CDs however), but heck that's fine. If I want to push anything to media I just grab a USB stick now.

What I want for my next Dell laptop is the following:

15 or 17-inch screen

The mini models are just too.. well.. mini. I like "standard" sized widescreen.

Windows 7 - or at least a freebie upgrade to 7

No more XP for me. Too old, too antiquated. I like 7 on my PC and want it in a portable version. If it comes with Vista, I want the freebie upgrade to 7 which I think Dell does do.


My current Dell is silver. Never really liked that. I want black.

Core 2 Duo

I'm perfectly happy with the Core 2. Not the "dual core", no no no.. the Core 2. Yes there's a difference.

Brightest screen possible

Hopefully in matte and not glossy. But if it is glossy, oh well.. I guess I can deal with that.


Four gigs RAM. More than enough.

Hard drive

At least 300GB


Better-than-average for whatever Dell offers.


As long as it burns DVDs I'm okay with that.


Would prefer a 9-cell if it doesn't add too much cost.


As long as it does g I'm good. However it would be nice for it to do both g and n.


I don't use this. Not required.

Integrated webcam

Yeah, I really want this. I could put that to good use.

That's about it I guess.

I wish that Dell would send me one as a "you keep it" review unit for PCMech. For those that don't know I'm one of the primary authors on that site. I've used Dells for years, know how good they are and would be more than happy to write up something good for it. The only time I wouldn't if is the unit was busted on arrival (and the likelihood of that happening is slim to none unless damaged in transit for whatever wacky reason).

Dell, if you happen to read this, seriously, send me one. Email me. Doesn't have to be top-of-the-line. Just has to be good. And black. 🙂

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