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dermatologist appt tomorrow

I will be doing something I've been meaning to take care of for years now, that being to remove the bump from my face.

This bump started as a tiny little lump that was barely noticeable back in my late teens. At the time I didn't pay it any mind because it wasn't anything to worry about. Over the years this thing grew in size. It's not huge nor is it horrific looking, but now it's a bump and a noticeable one at that, and it has been this way since my mid-20s.

Being that I'm so sick and tired of having this stupid thing, I made an appointment to see a dermatologist and will be going tomorrow. The consultation will be free, but even if the doc says it will cost $1,000 to remove, I will finance it and just do it. I've already decided that it will be totally worth the money because this bump serves as nothing but as an embarrassment. I hate it. I absolutely.. frickin'.. hate it.

I'll be happy to have this thing laser'd off or whatever the doc does to get rid of it.

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