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design it up

Just posted a new design. This is a fluid-yet-not-fluid thing. The main content (what you're reading now in the white field) is fixed. The rest of it is fluid. And in my usual practice, I'm using ancient HTML with stylized CSS tables. I figure if anyone wants to read my blog over a mobile device they can just subscribe via RSS and read it that way. My site is designed for big non-mobile (save for laptop) computers and not little ones. 🙂

The reason for the shortened white field and the rest of it dark is because when one blogs one spends a lot of time staring at his or her own blog. If your blog is all-light this will burn holes in your retinas quickly, hence the reason I darkened it up a bit around the main content.

In my CSS this time around I accommodated for both Windows and Macs. If you're using a Mac you should see Lucida Grande. On Windows, you'll either see Segoe UI (which looks really good) or just plain Arial (boring but works). For Linux people I didn't bother putting a specific font spec for that. I mean, yeah I suppose I could spec Bitstream Vera Sans, but you already see that for your default sans-serif font anyway... so what's the point?

The only really major changes (other than what I just mentioned) is that I'm actually using three tiers instead of two. The third is just quickie-links with lil' icons. And yes I know some of those icons look a bit f'ed up at the moment but I'll get around to that soon enough.

I have always appreciated web sites where the design makes it very easy to find out where to go fast-fast-fast. And hopefully I've been able to do that here.. unless you're reading this thru RSS.. which in that case you just read all of this for nothing. Ha. 🙂

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