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did you know dick van dyke's initials are D.V.D.?

I went out tonight with Kristi to see Night At The Museum. Good movie. Don't know if it will be that memorable, but overall very good.

Ben Stiller, while generally annoying, is actually tolerable in this movie. He plays the lead character.

The television commercials for this movie show Robin Williams, who admittedly is a king among men as far as actors is concerned, but what got me is that Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney were in this flick. That totally blew me away. The acting by everyone was well done.

It's rare that you see a movie that is classified as action, comedy, family and fantasy all in one - but this movie pulls it off well. It's got the happy ending which is great and it was fun to watch.

The effects and computer animation were all well placed and not overdone. It was a nice combination of realistic and fantasy. You do believe everything you see on the screen.

I give it a thumbs up. Good show. Takes me back to how movies used to be made - and that isn't a bad thing a'tall.

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