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diet update, march 2016

I've had some ups and downs, but I'm still doing well.

February 16, 2015 is when I started my diet. February 16, 2016 passed and I totally forgot to write about it, so I'll talk about it now.

The biggest thing that happened is that my treadmill broke just from using it so much. I didn't replace it because it costs too much to do so.

I switched over to jogging in place. That worked out for a little while, but then my right knee started getting pain from that.

What I do now is a combination of basic aerobic exercises and jumping jacks. I do 420 jumping jacks a day. 210 in the morning and another 210 in the evening. That sounds like a ton but it's really not. When spread out between exercises it's actually fairly easy to do.

I did have a slight panic because I started gaining weight back, but just a little.

What happened originally is that I started dropping weight real fast. So fast that it scared me. To combat this, I started eating filth on weekends to even things out. Pizza and "Chinese food" junk, mostly. I also started eating chocolate again.

Did I go nuts with the filth? No. At most I would consume about 2,400 calories on a "filth day" (Saturday or Sunday) while the rest of time I stayed under 2,000.

I got some weight put back on, but when the treadmill broke, my calorie deficit got out of whack. Also, something else happened from switching around my exercise routine. Muscle gain. That caused slight weight gain.

I went from 151 to about 154. Like I said, I didn't gain much and my BMI is still firmly planted in the 22s.

I've made some diet adjustments to accommodate for the muscle mass weight addition and different exercise routine, and my weight is now going back down to the low-150s where I like it.

These are the adjustments I made.

Cut down on the added sugar, big time

I was eating too many hard candies (I like Werther's Original) along with other chocolates during the week, so I cut out a whole bunch of that. Just about all of it, actually.

Added sugar (not to be confused with natural sugar in whole fruits) packs pounds on me quick. Whether it's popping a few hard candies or eating a Kit-Kat, the added sugar in there just makes me bulge right out.

Replace the filth meals on weekends with better options

I recently tried a Veggie Delite sub from Subway. With creamy sriracha sauce it's about 650 calories for a foot-long. Basically, it's a salad in a sandwich. I'm fine with that because the greens combined with the bread go down well.

At the Chinese food place, I now get vegetable lo mein. Yeah, it still has noodles in it that were drenched in oil, and it comes with an egg roll. But the total calorie count is - and this is a guess based on the overall size -  about 700 to 800, all told. That's actually a fairly low calorie count for "Chinese food." Just about every other lunch special meal they have easily busts over 1,200 calories. In other words, the vegetable lo mein is better than the other crap I was eating from there.

Fruit up

I'm eating more fruit now. Apples and bananas for the most part, because they're some of the cheapest fruits available.

Where I am now

To get my weight back in check, I had to cut out the filth like before. Not a big deal. Due to the fact I've been eating so well for a while now, it wasn't a challenge to cut the junk out.

The thing that messed up my diet was having that treadmill break. I got very dependent on that piece of equipment. A little too dependent, actually. But I adjusted, and now have a daily workout routine I do twice a day that works for me.

End result

It's been over a year since I decided to lose weight. I only had a very small 3 pound gain after I lost what I wanted to (which really isn't bad at all,) and took care of it.

So far, so good.


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