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don't cry, don't raise your eye

Title of this entry is from one of the best songs ever written.

A cop knocked on my apartment door this morning. For some reason I knew it was a police officer just by the way he knocked. BAP BAP BAP BAP BAP. I think they're trained to knock that way or something.

Good morning, sir, there was a white car stolen from here a few hours ago. Did you see anything?

No, sorry, I haven't.

Okay, thanks, much appreciated, sir.

And that was it. By the tone in the officer's voice I could tell he really didn't have much faith that anyone had seen anything. Most likely he was just going around the neighborhood trying to find a witness but was having no luck.

The white car he was referring to is something no one would had given a second look to back in Connecticut. Camaro? Firebird? Corvette? Nope. Civic? Integra? Prelude? Nope. Mercedes Benz? BMW? Lexus? Not even close.

It was a Mercury Grand Marquis.

Yeah. The big boat. The only reason I know this is because the people who owned it always seemed to be having problems with it every other day.

Why anyone on earth would steal that car I have no idea.

And the person who stole it probably had the car break down ten minutes after driving it.

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