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Drooly Cat

I've never written a post about my cat, so here it is.

Emma is my cat. She's 12 in human years. Her colors are gray, white and a tiny bit a tan/beige under her chin. I picked Emma from an animal shelter years ago. I picked her in particular because she was the only one who would play with me and bite my finger. It wasn't mean biting, just play biting that cats do.

She has jade green eyes which you can see reflect in the light when she turns her head just right. Emma is also a very good mouse catcher, doesn't destroy the furniture, always "aims" correctly in the litter box (most of the time,) and keeps herself very clean.

Emma has a lot of attitude. She will not show affection to anyone except me and my father. She absolutely does not respond to that stupid "sthk sthk sthk" noise people make whenever they meet her for the first time. If you make that noise, she will simply look at you, then walk away. To be honest, if I were a cat I wouldn't respond to that either. It's a dumb noise. She does however respond to my commands. If I make a mouse-like noise, she will pay attention and come to me and also responds to her name if you say it a specific way. She also doesn't like it when other people pet her, and doesn't like girls - period. She prefers men. I've known other pet owners who have pets like that who will only trust one gender for some strange reason.

Originally when Emma came home, she didn't make a peep. Not a sound. For years she was like this. Then one day she just started mew'ing. It was small at first, now she cannot shut up. She mews the loudest whenever I have cold cuts out, like ham or bologna or any type of meat - because she wants some. I give her a small amount sometimes. It's not good to feed people-food to a pet, so I only give her enough so it will not upset her stomach or anything like that. She has been known to eat any type of cheese (except swiss,) ham, bologna, corn muffin, bacon, pork, veal, turkey, tuna (loves the tuna,) and other stuff. Emma will not drink milk, only water.

Most people for some reason do not know that a cat's favorite place to be pet is on the head, mainly because it's the one place they cannot scratch easily. Emma loves her head pets. Do it long enough and she will drool. I've known several cats that do this. Not very lady-like.. but she's a cat so I guess it's ok. Fortunately it's not gross. It's a little drool, not a lot. Emma also likes to be pet the "wrong way" against the grain of her fur, so long as you put it back the way it was when you're done.

Emma's ailments have been minimal. She had minor mange around her temples a few years back, but it cleared up after a few good baths - something she cannot stand. Bathing the cat will cause her to caterwaul and growl like crazy. Yes, Emma does growl if really ticked off, almost like a dog.

Emma will pick "her spot" somewhere in the house and always stay there for anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 months. Her current spot is on the kitchen table where all my important papers are, which promptly get knocked off the table so she has room to snooze. Previously it was the living room hassock. Before that it was the edge of my bed. To this day she has never picked the same spot twice. I wonder where her next spot will be.

Periodically, Emma will bound around the house for no reason whatsoever. She will be on the edge of my bed, then gallop down the hall into the kitchen, then run down the stairs, stay there for a few minutes, then come back upstairs. She sees me in the kitchen and says hello with a "mew", then goes to the kitchen table and sets her spot again.

Yeah, I love my cat.


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