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easter stuff '09

Went to Pop's for Easter dinner. While there I ate (obviously) and also mowed his lawn, updated some anti-virus crap on his computer, cleaned out his truck and did a few other things that needed to be done. Pop is doing well, as is his cat.

On Saturday I bought two button-down shirts and a new pair of jeans. The last time I bought a button-down shirt was for a formal event and before that I can't even remember. Each shirt was 5 bucks, the jeans were $14.50. I plan on getting more button-downs as I'm taking quite a liking to them.

The next book I will be publishing is about home recording, specifically for guitar. There are 15 pages done so far and I expected the completed book to be somewhere around 50 to 75. Check back here on my blog for updates on that.

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