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elevator go down the hole

Title of this entry comes from a cartoon that rocked.

I'm emotionally drained right now. Actually, "exhausted" would probably be the better term. And why is this? Well (ahem)...

Physically, I've traveled almost 2000 miles in less than a week (to Ohio and back). It's just a cool-and-weird-at-the-same-time feeling to say "At 9am I was in Ohio. At 11am I'm in Florida" and have it be accurate. Kinda puts your head in a spin because the world seems so much smaller at times like that.

Emotionally I'm getting back on track. Before arriving back in Florida I was happy as a clam, but then got shot down in grand fashion (for reasons too personal to mention here) so.. a few days rest will cure that ill.

Small side note: Much love to my New Englander girlfriends. You all kick ass and know exactly what to say to me (without asking) when I'm feeling blue. Thank you thank you.

Right now I'm in Inverness visiting Pop. His lawn has turned into a forest, so a lawn mowing will be in order tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot - there is a slim possibility that I might still get to check out the Atlantis shuttle launch that's been delayed about ump-teen-million times. Hey, it could happen. 🙂

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