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Empty promises?

I'm supposedly going to get a call from some dude in Maine concerning web work. I have been hearing this for almost 2 weeks now.

Odd things that have happened so far concerning promises of contact:

a) No one seems to know what this guy does for a living (not good).

b) He said this week (to my friend) " sure to tell him I will call this week either today (yesterday) or tomorrow (today)". Why would he call someone else to tell them to call me and inform me of that? Sounds really fishy. He should've just contacted me directly and scheduled something. He does have my number so there's no excuse there.

c) I have heard that I have not been contacted yet because he is "really busy". Last week I believed that. This week I don't. There is no one so busy that they can't spare 10 minutes to make a phone call. No one.

At this point, this is how I feel about it, summed up in two words: No expectations. If he calls, great. If not, oh well. Today is supposed to be the day he's supposed to call... maybe. Guess we'll see. If I don't get a call today I'm just going to forget it.

(my hopes are not too high on this one..)

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