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Getting screwed on a tax return

If getting screwed once on taxes isn't bad enough, how about twice?

Never in all the time I've been working have I ever.. ever.. had to physically write a check to the US Treasury for taxes. Ever.

Until yesterday.

I'm about to mail off my forms when I see that I owe $915.


Yeah, $915. I don't care who you are; that's a lot of money.

I call up my tax people. The reason I decided to stick with that small tax office from the stomping grounds is because last year they did just fine.

Not this year.

Cheerily, the tax idiot person told me that yep, I owe $915 direct out of my pocket and that it was the company I worked for who was at fault for not sending enough fed out of each check each week.

My opinion? I don't believe it because my boss is on top of things like that and knows his numbers. He called the idiot tax person and of course, he was told it was his fault.

My gut tells me it isn't.

Want to know why?

Every single thing that has anything to do with that ass-backwards crap-hole state of Connecticut turns into a steaming hot pile of donkey crap - WITHOUT FAIL.

I will never conduct business of any kind with CT ever again for as long as I live. Period.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I owe those tax idiots $110 for screwing up my return. GEE, THANKS A HEAP.

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