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everything's broken

My DVD player decided to stop working so I had to buy another one. Being that I only need one to test out video projects on a normal television screen, I hunted around for the cheapest player possible. The lowest price I could find was $29.98 (a little over $31 after tax) for a miniature Magnavox player (seen right).

Players like these are my absolute favorite kind. Why? Because they're stupid easy to use. It's not that I can't operate complicated DVD players (as I've owned a few), but who wants to mess around with menus when all you want to do is play a movie?

I might actually have some use for this other than testing video projects later on. I do plan on getting a cheap business projector and screen for big-big screen viewing. Put it this way: You can either spend thousands of dollars on a 52-inch or greater television, or you can get an 85-inch screen for 40 bucks, the projector for just under $500 and the aforementioned DVD player for 30 bucks. Total cost: Under $550 before tax. And you may spend a little extra if you hook it up to a semi-decent sound system.

Remember: We're talking 85 inches here. Not 50. Not 60. not 70. Not even 80. You get 85 (over seven feet).

That's my definition of home theater.

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