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five degrees

moonlight @ 120kph part ii

It's 3:34 in the morn' as I write this. Instead of sleeping over at Pop's, I decided to stay at my apartment, crash early, then wake up early and go to Pop's (which is where I am now). At 8am I'm getting an oil change performed on my truck, then it's off to Universal Studios with sis.

You read before about how I prattled on about eerie feelings when night driving under certain weather conditions. This drive was 100% opposite compared to the other night concerning how I felt. Same drive, same distance, etc.

The weather was nearly identical with one very minor difference. The temperature outside was slightly cooler, meaning there was less fog although it was still present. When I say "slightly cooler", I'm talking about five degrees F in the colder direction. Maybe a little less.

That seemingly insignificant temperature difference changed the way I felt entirely.

Instead of getting the willies when night driving in the wee hours of the morning, I felt more upbeat, breathed a whole lot easier and got the feeling of Yep. Brand new day is comin' soon. I mean, yeah, the stroke of midnight technically is the start of a new day, but you get the idea.

Lights didn't feel too bright. They were "just right". The moon felt warmer when looked upon. And not once was there that Danger... feeling at any time.

It's interesting how a five degree change in temperature outside can change the way you feel, isn't it?

well done

On arrival to Pop's, there was a plate of food waiting for me in the fridge. A few slices of steak, corn and a potato. As soon as I saw the steak, I cringed.


Because it was 90% red.

My father and sister both prefer their steaks rare. Long ago I discovered I can't stand any cut of meat cooked that way. It tastes absolutely horrible. "Gummy" is the best way to describe it.

The first time I discovered how awesome "well done" was, I never went back. If you're gonna cook a piece of meat, COOK IT. Don't just warm it up. That's what "rare" means in my book.

These days I prefer cuts cooked well done with the edges slightly burnt. I don't want to see a millimeter of that steak with any red in it whatsoever.

I don't eat red meat very often, but when I do, I want that red gone.

My solution to the redness was to chuck it in the microwave and cook it (badly) until the red was gone. At that point it was palatable. 🙂

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