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forgetting the day rule

Before I get into the day's activities, here's a Pop Update: He's fine, out of the hospital and now in an assisted living center for physiotherapy. And that will only be for a few weeks. Then he's back home again.

All USA-based financial institutions operate by what I call "The Day Rule", which is "Never call after lunch". To be specific, it's any time in the afternoon, Eastern Standard Time.TDR comes into play after lunchtime, because no one wants to help you. Half the day is now over, therefore most office-folk will just lull around until they have to leave. Laziness has ensued from a full stomach.

I experienced TDR today with my adventures in finances. More on that in a moment.

First adventure in finance: Calling to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan (for the upcoming house purchase).I spoke with QuickenLoans and asked them to quote me a mortgage on a 150k house, just for example, using all available loan options. The absolute best they could do just wasn't good enough. As a matter of fact it wasn't good at all.

From inspecting a few options at BankRate, I know I can get way better. I had asked specifically about the 5/1 ARM, which is my mortgage o' choice, and the quote I got absolutely sucked. No thanks, QuickLoans, you lost a potential customer.

This is the first of most likely many phone calls I will make concerning mortgage loans. I am purposely doing this before I even think about actually seeing a house. This is proper and correct course of action as far as I'm concerned.

Second adventure in finance: Re-fi of my vehicle loan.This is where the TDR applies, by the way.

I called Wells Fargo somewhere around 3pm. A ditzy broad answers my call, takes my information and obviously sounded like it was her first day on the job. Not good.

However, when I got transferred to an actual loan officer by the name of Garrett, that guy knew what he was doing, but.... then he says "Okay, Richard, would you mind if I put you on hold for a few minutes while I get the information from the computer?"


A few minutes pass by.

Garrett comes back.

"The computer is running slow.. could I call you back later this evening?"

Ahhhhh CRAP. TDR strikes again. Whenever you get that "computer is slow" thing, that means "I have a bunch of other crap to clear out before the end of the day, wait until tomorrow."

So I say "Yeah. Sure."

And of course, no callback for today.

I expect to be called before noon tomorrow with a quote on the re-fi.

No, I'm not ticked off. I just forgot about The Day Rule. Next time I do this, I'm calling at 9am like I should have in the first place. (grin)

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