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garmin streetpilot c580 map update 2008

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The Map Update 2008 DVD for my Garmin StreetPilot c580 arrived today and I am installing it to the unit as I write this.

A problem that can't be overcome at the present time is that the map update (any map update) takes a really, really long time. This is because there is a ton of data being transferred from the DVD to the GPS unit via USB.

This is the fourth time I've loaded maps onto a Garmin StreetPilot.

The first time was with the StreetPilot i3 and that didn't take long at all due to the fact it could only fit 128MB on its little TransFlash card. The map load might have been quick but the drawback is that you can't fit too many U.S. states into it.

The second time was with my StreetPilot c340 updating version 7 to version 8 of the City Navigator. That took about 35 minutes.

The third time was with my father's StreetPilot 2720. Again, it took about 35 minutes.

Each of the three times I loaded maps it loaded right in without any issue.

The only thing different about this time is that it's actually a lot easier. Previously you had to do this weird thing with registration numbers for the units, mess around with MapSource and the whole process wasn't easy at all. Once it got going it worked fine, but to get to that point you had to jump thru a few hoops.

What happens now is you get the DVD, pop it in the tray and the software prompts you to plug in the StreetPilot. So I do. Then it asks me for a product key listed on the back of the DVD's jewel case. So I enter that in, and ta-da, off it goes.

Much easier.

It still takes forever for the data to be sent to the StreetPilot, but at least the process is easier now. 🙂

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